Two children use a well in a rustic setting.

Don’t Spit In a Well Because One Day You May Drink From It

Here are ten funny examples of why the truism above will make you think twice before spitting in a well you might have to use later on.

  1. The Foodie Fiasco
    Josh made fun of his sister’s attempt at baking cookies. A week later, she was the designated cook at their camping trip. Guess who had burnt cookies for breakfast?
  2. Elevator Escapades
    Emma always pressed all the elevator buttons as a prank. One day, she was late for an interview. Guess which floor she arrived on last?
  3. Car Chaos
    Jim joked about his friend’s old car. When his own car broke down, guess whose ride he needed to borrow for a week?
  4. Fitness Flip
    Sarah laughed at her friend’s early morning yoga routine. A month later, she needed a partner for a couples yoga discount. Who was left chuckling in Child’s Pose?
  5. Tech Troubles
    Mike teased his grandma for still using a flip phone. But during a power outage, guess whose phone was the only one working?
  6. Fashion Follies
    Jane scoffed at her colleague’s love for vintage clothes. Come ‘Retro Day’ at work, guess who she had to borrow a 70’s outfit from?
  7. Hobby Hiccups
    Tom ridiculed his brother’s stamp collection. When he needed a unique stamp for a school project, guess where he found it?
  8. Pet Peeves
    Carla always laughed at her cousin’s fascination with raising snails. But when her son needed them for a science project, guess who she asked?
  9. Book Blunders
    Dan teased his friend for her massive book collection. When he needed a rare book for research, guess whose library he visited?
  10. Gardening Goofs
    Emily poked fun at her neighbor’s obsession with gardening. But when she needed fresh herbs for a dinner party, guess where she had to go, hat in hand?