Big dog rests head on a log.

Don’t Look For a Stick If You Want To Beat a Dog

Ever heard lame excuses? Here are ten classic examples of how to identify them as instances of Do not look for a stick if you want to beat a dog.

  1. Andy wanted to skip work, blamed a sudden tire puncture, but was seen at the beach.
  2. Beth didn’t want to go on a blind date, claimed a mysterious allergy, but posted a club selfie.
  3. Charlie tried to duck out of chores, citing a sore back, but danced wildly at a party.
  4. Diana wanted to avoid a meeting, mentioned a double-booked schedule, but was caught at a spa.
  5. Evan wasn’t keen on family dinner, blamed traffic, yet was spotted at the gaming arcade.
  6. Fiona tried skipping the gym, talked of a twisted ankle, but her hiking pictures said otherwise.
  7. Greg didn’t want to babysit, complained of a cold, but was seen gulping ice-creams with friends.
  8. Holly wished to avoid the reunion, stated fashion emergencies, but her mall spree was all over Instagram.
  9. Ivan wanted out of a seminar, talked of a pet emergency, yet was caught fishing.
  10. Jenny dodged a camping trip, mentioned fear of bugs, but camped on her balcony for sunbathing.

Remember, when we see through the flimsiest of excuses, the perpetrator is probably the only one who thinks it works.