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  • Signs Of Online Addiction

    Cannot get enough of being online? Online addiction is a growing phenomenon, whether from home or away. Starting from the early days of the internet to the social media frenzy now sweeping the globe,  online addiction has some common traits. See if you find yourself doing some of the following things: Your opening line is: […]

  • Early Days Of Newsgroups In The Internet

    Old Internet Newsgroups That Flopped Before myspace, facebook, twitter, the internet had bulletin-board newsgroups. Some newsgroups were very popular, but others totally failed. Here’s a list of some of the doomed newsgroups. alt.sex.lesbian.steel_workers alt.aviation.kamikazi.pilots alt.sex.gay.policemen alt.sex.straight_actors_guild alt.aviation.hang_gliders.quadraplegic comp.os.win95.happy_users alt.military.deutchland.ss.former.hit-squad.members alt.religion.jewish.oversexed.girls alt.justice.free.charles.manson alt.medical.proctologist.talk Do you have other newsgroups to add to this list of failures?

  • Idiot Calls Computer Help Desk

    Computer Help Desk Conversation This is a supposedly true story from a computer help desk service. Needless to say the help desk employee was fired for being honest. The person is currently suing the company for “Termination without Cause.” Employee “Clifton Williams, computer help desk operator; how may I help you?” Caller “Hi, I’m having […]

  • Computer Menu

    Employee-Friendly Computer Menu Better choices from a computer menu: Undo Stupid Changes Read Boss’ Mind Adjust Boss’ Attitude Create Idea Insert Brilliance Extend Deadline Enhance Salary Find Better Client Restore Wasted Evenings Save Weekends Other options would be welcome. Do you have more menu choices to offer?

  • Computer revenge with a knockout

    Don’t hit the computer: it might hit back! Let this animation be a warning for office workers who get frustrated by a misbehaving computer, and hitting it. The day of computer revenge will come and it will be a knockout by the computer. Leave the computer alone and let the IT department handle your computer […]