Remote Control For Women

woman's remote control

Imaginary remote control with a woman’s buttons

Ever wonder how to regulate a woman’s sex life?

Here is a picture of a remote control for  women that does just that.

It looks just like a regular TV remote control, but check out the labels on a woman’s remote control to see how totally different it is from a normal TV remote control.

There are buttons for real or fake orgasms, hubby or anyone, music or no music and numerical buttons for intensity levels for each.

Watch for the announcement on when it will be sold to the general public, as it could be dangerous if placed in the wrong hand.

Be warned that past performance does not guarantee that it will work in the future.

The user accepts all responsibility for it the actions it may have on the woman, which will vary according the different model of women it is used on.

The remote control for women does not come with batteries. The owner needs to insert their own form of energy to make the device perform at full power.