Redneck Wives Joke

Sit back and enjoy a redneck wives story as told by hillbillies sitting on their porch.

The tales may not be true, but they are funny.

redneck wifeJohn, Brian, and Wayne were sitting on the front porch, drinking a little “shine,” and talking about their dumb ole’ redneck wives.

John boasted, “You know, boys, my wife Judy is SO stupid. She went down to the store ‘the other day and bought an air-conditioner! Hell, boys, we ain’t got no electricity!”

The other two just howl with laughter.

Brian says, “Hell, that ain’t nothing — my wife went down to the store and bought herself a washing machine! We ain’t got no running water!”

That one nearly slayed ’em.

Wayne wiped the tears from his eyes and said, “Well, I reckon by bride’s GOT to be the stupidest of the bunch, boys.

‘Tother day I was snooping through her purse to find me a couple dollars to play some poker with. I found six or seven rubbers — hell, she ain’t got no you-know-what.”