Illegal Fireworks and Pot In Car

fireworks pot

Driver’s Dumb Mistake

Do not get stopped by police with fireworks and pot in the trunk of your car.

In a sheriff’s deputy recent report he wrote:

“I was recently on patrol when I noticed three young males drive a car into the parking lot of a liquor store, walk in and make a purchase.

We have had many problems with underage drinkers so I waited until they drove away.

I stopped them and asked the young male driver if he was old enough to purchase liquor.

He replied that he was over 21.

Since he looked fairly young I asked him to show me his driver’s license.

I explained that if he was 21 or above, he was free to leave.

The driver, still seated in the car, patted all of his pockets repeatedly and announced sheepishly that his license was in the trunk of his car.

He proceeded to get out of his vehicle and open the trunk, which happened to be full of illegal fireworks along with five bags of pot wrapped for individual sale.

The driver then patted his front pants pockets and, with relief, told me he found his driver’s license in his front pants pocket.

It was there from the beginning.

The driver, who was old enough to purchase alcohol, and his two companions all went to jail.”