Feed The Poor

Limousine driving through verdant setting

A well-to-do attorney was riding in the rear of his stretch limousine discussing an important case.

Glancing out of his tinted windows he noticed a couple of men eating grass in the fields.

Curiosity got the best of him and he told his chauffeur to pull over onto the shoulder.

“What are doing? Eating grass?” the driver asked the men.

“We don’t have any money for food,” one of men answered.

Thinking about the situation, the rich lawyer rolled down his window and said, “Come inside the limo and I’ll help you.”

“What do I do with my wife and children at home?”

“Bring them along. Your friend is welcome to join us also.”

“Really. I have a wife with four children at home,” the other guy said.

“Great. I’ll take them also.”

Needless to say, getting all those starving people into the limousine wasn’t easy.

Finally once everyone was aboard, one of the poor folk gratefully says, “You are so generous. Thank you for taking all of us to your home.”

The wealthy lawyer replied, “Everything is good. The grass at my estate is about two feet tall.”