FBI, CIA, LAPD and the Rabbit

One day the President saw the national crime figures and decided something had to be done.

rabbit test to fight crimeHe called in the FBI, the CIA and the LAPD and subjected them to a test to see which one would be most effective in fighting crime.

Their mission was that a rabbit would be released into a forest and they had to find it.

Well, the CIA started a covert operation and after two months they reported back: “There was definitely no rabbit and there was no evidence to support there had ever been a rabbit.”

The FBI immediately surrounded the forest and tried to persuade the rabbit to surrender. After two weeks of negotiating they set the forest on fire, and it burned to the ground killing everything living in it. The FBI said, “The rabbit had it coming.”

Several police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department went into the forest and after two hours they came back with a raccoon all black and blue and screaming, “I confess! I confess! I’m a rabbit! I’m a rabbit!”