Early Days Of Newsgroups In The Internet

Old Internet Newsgroups That Flopped

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Before myspace, facebook, twitter, the internet had bulletin-board newsgroups.

Some newsgroups were very popular, but others totally failed.

Here’s a list of some of the doomed newsgroups.

  • alt.sex.lesbian.steel_workers
  • alt.aviation.kamikazi.pilots
  • alt.sex.gay.policemen
  • alt.sex.straight_actors_guild
  • alt.aviation.hang_gliders.quadraplegic
  • comp.os.win95.happy_users
  • alt.military.deutchland.ss.former.hit-squad.members
  • alt.religion.jewish.oversexed.girls
  • alt.justice.free.charles.manson
  • alt.medical.proctologist.talk

Do you have other newsgroups to add to this list of failures?