Seaside Personality Quiz Answers

Now the answers to the seaside quiz

The seaside is symbolic of how you relate to people around you.

seaside palms

An extroverted, gregarious person feels energized in the company of a large number of people.

People who see a deserted seaside are more introverted and feel more content spending longer periods of time on their own.

How many people you pictured relates to the number of people you want around you.

  1. If you saw hundreds of people, crowded bars and clubs can feel like your second home. You are quite a social animal, and at times, you may also like an audience.
  2. If you saw a few dozen people, you feel comfortable in social gatherings, bars and clubs, you may even seek them out.
  3. If you saw one or two people then you do not like to spend a whole lot of time in bars or clubbing. You can be charming and social, but you are often content being alone. The vast majority of people see a beach with one or two people on it.
  4. If you did not see any people, you are least likely to feel comfortable in a crowded club or bar. You are often content with your own company and may even avoid certain crowded places.

Where you see people on the beach is also symbolic of how you relate to people around you.

  1. If you saw people close by, then you are sociable and can be quite a chatterbox at times.
  2. If you saw them not far away, you like to be with people, but on your own terms.
  3. If the people seemed far away you are usually quiet and reserved. For you, actions speak louder than words. However you still need friends that are prepared to listen whenever you need them, or someone to talk to about your day.
  4. If the beach is deserted, you are content to be your own person and self-sufficient.

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A: A stamp.

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A: The letter e.

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A: On the bottom.

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A: His horse is named Tuesday.

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A: Lunch and dinner.

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