Golf Balls – Odd Facts

golf ball

According to Golf Digest, the average golfer loses two golf balls
per round for a worldwide total of approximately 2,465,752 every day.

Worried about running out? Don’t be.

Companies like Titleist are working hard to ensure that never happens.

Titleist makes 1.2 million golf balls each day.

Stand proud you noble swingers of clubs and losers of golf balls.

A recent study found the average golfer walks about 900 miles a year.

Another study found golfers drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year.

That means, on average, golfers get about 41 miles to the gallon.

Kind of makes you proud.

You’re a hybrid!

Senior Golfer Plays At Pebble Beach

Perfect hole for senior golfer

perfect golf hole for senior

A golfer who was well into his golden years had a lifelong ambition to play one hole at Pebble Beach, California, the way the pros do it.

The pros drive the ball out over the water onto the green that is on a spit of land that just out off the coast.

It was something the senior golfer had tried hundreds of times without success.

His ball always seemed to fall short and into the water.

Because of this the senior golfer never used a new ball on this particular hole, but picked one that had a cut or a nick on it.

One year he went out to Pebble Beach to try his luck again.

When he came to the fateful hole, he teed up an old cut ball and said a silent prayer.

Before he hit it, however, a powerful voice from above said: “WAIT …REPLACE THAT OLD BALL WITH A BRAND-NEW BALL.”

He did so, but with some slight misgiving, despite the fact that the Lord seemed to be implying that He was going to let the senior golfer finally achieve his lifelong ambition.

As he stepped up to the tee once more, the voice came down again: “WAIT … STEP BACK … TAKE A PRACTICE SWING.”

So he stepped back and took a practice swing.

The voice boomed out again: “TAKE ANOTHER PRACTICE SWING.”

The senior golfer obeyed the order and silence followed the second swing.

Then the voice spoke out again: “PUT THE OLD BALL BACK.”