Funny Job Security Quiz

Five simple questions to find out if you job security.

The job security quiz will help judge how long you’ll end up at your current job and what will become of you.

The boss appears at your cubicle and finds you playing DOOM at your desk you…

A. Swear to take the game off your hard drive forever, but first make a copy for his kid.
B. Inform him that you’re planting a virus in the program so that everyone who plays it on company time will get reported to Human Resources.
C. Tell him that whatever he wants will have to wait until you’ve finished the level.

There’s a cushy job opening in the mail department, stuffing envelopes with free samples. It pays twice as much as your current position. What do you do?

A. Meekly suggest to your boss that transferring you might improve the morale of everyone who’s been working with you.
B. Politely ask your boss for a transfer and offer to split the salary increase 50/50 with him.
C. Barge into your bosses office and demand reassignment so that you, “Won’t have to work under someone who should have retired before he became a laughing stock.”

When your boss throws a party and invites everyone in the office except you, what do you do?

A. Stay home and watch ‘Friends’ reruns.
B. Show up at the party anyway, with a really expensive bottle of wine and a briefcase full of small, unmarked bills.
C. Go over to your bosses house after everyone has left and throw rocks at the windows, shouting obscenities.

Your boss criticizes your work unjustly; what do you do?

A. Listen politely, and then apologize.
B. Blame someone else.
C. Climb on top of your desk, and hold up a piece of paper on which you’ve written the word “union.”

When the CEO parks his car in your spot, you…

A. Wash and wax it, then leave your business card under the windshield wiper.
B. Key it. .. then tell the CEO’s secretary you saw your boss near it, loitering suspiciously.
C. Key it. .. then proudly tell the CEO’s secretary that you did it.

Your boss asks you to play Kooky the Clown for his kid’s fifth birthday party, what do you do?

A. Offer to pay for the costume rental and cake, too.
B. Agree to do it, then blackmail a co-worker into doing it while pretending to be you.
C. Agree to do it, then show up as yourself and tell the children that Kooky is dead.

The boss accuses you of not keeping the office clean; you…

A. Clean the office while he supervises.
B. Tell him that you delegated the job, then fire the underling you supposedly gave the job to.
C. Clean the office again, but this time, you use your boss’ face.

Scoring this test

Mostly A’s: You have nothing to worry about. They’ll never fire you because you’re a doormat.

Mostly B’s: You’re not just going to keep your job, with your complete disregard for other peoples feelings, you’ll positively shoot up the ladder of success. Congratulations! You’re a real jerk.

Mostly C’s: You are a career kamikaze. The boss would have fired you long ago, but he’s terrified of what you might do.

Simple Word Letter Scramble

Can you make new word combinations by simply switching a few letters?

Take the word combinations below and with a switch of a single letter from one word to the other, make a pair of new synonyms, or near synonyms.

As an example, take the word combination Boast – Hip, and move the ‘s’ from ‘Boast’ to ‘Hip’ to make the word combination Boat – Ship.

  1. Start – Our
  2. Strip – Tumble
  3. Clause – Idea
  4. Broom – Cash
  5. Plight – Lam

The answers are:

  1. Tart – Sour
  2. Trip – Stumble
  3. Cause – Ideal
  4. Boom – Crash
  5. Light – Lamp

26 Question Chocolate Trivia Quiz

Little-known facts about chocolate for all those chocolate lovers.

Can you answer these questions about chocolate?
  1. Chocolate can kill what animal?
  2. Astronauts brought what treat to eat in 1982?
  3. Americans eat how much chocolate every second?
  4. Chocolate accounts for how much of the fat in an American diet?
  5. When was consuming chocolate a sin by the church?
  6. Does chocolate cause acne?
  7. When was Kit Kat made without milk?
  8. In what country is it common to pour chocolate milk or cafe au lait on cereal for breakfast?
  9. The initials “M&M’s” represent what?
  10. What year was the chocolate chip cookie invented?
  11. What country eats the most chocolate per person?
  12. Can eating chocolate help a person live longer?
  13. What chocolate package shape is protected by the law?
  14. Who was buried in a chocolate coffin?
  15. What bird should not chocolate, because it is deadly to them?
  16. What common appliance was invented because of what it did to chocolate?
  17. Medically what group of people are helped by eating chocolate?
  18. How important is chocolate to the almond industry?
  19. Who made the first chocolate bar available to the public?
  20. It was believed chocolate could cure what common aliment?
  21. Are having guilty feelings about chocolate bad for your body?
  22. The last thing Elvis Presley ate before he died was…?
  23. Who introduced Valentine’s Day box of chocolates?
  24. Which is the rarest chocolate bar in the world?
  25. What were the other flavors of the original “Three Musketeers” bar?
  26. In the movie “Psycho,” Alfred Hitchcock used chocolate syrup for what?

Answers to the chocolate trivia quiz