Actual 911 Emergency Calls

A thirty-year-old Maryland man called 911 and reported, “You gotta put out the fire, man. My marijuana plants are burning.” When the fire-fighters team arrived they found the man sitting in his kitchen, in the dark, strumming his guitar.

A man in La Vergne, Tennessee, called emergency 911 to report that he and his wife had had a fight and he needed police to come to his house and stop her from pouring out all his beer.

Velma Ann Wantlin of Houma, Louisiana was issued a citation for improper use of the 911 emergency line. Wantlin called 911 to report her husband for preventing her from watching the season finale of Knots Landing.

[Dispatcher] 911. What’s your emergency?
[Caller] I’m scared.
[Dispatcher] What’s the problem?
[Caller] I just got a Ouija board for my birthday and now there’s writing on my wall and I can’t get it off. This thing is going back to Kmart first thing in the morning!

[Dispatcher] 911. What’s your emergency?
[Caller] Could you send the police to my house?
[Dispatcher] What’s wrong there?
[Caller] I called and someone answered the phone, but I’m not there.